A few weeks ago in one of our Stingray (Pteroplatytrygon violacea) specimens, weighing more than twenty kg that lives in the central tank of the Aquarium Costa de Almería (Roquetas de Mar), began to become visible a portuberance on the edge of the fin left side, which bothered him in his daily life as he was looking for surfaces to rub against that end.

Therefore, the veterinary team decided to prepare the material and surgical procedure to be able to remove this mass. In addition to the Aquarium’s aquarists and technicians, the intervention was attended by its veterinarian and director of Oasys MiniHollywood, Jose María Rodríguez Linde and the specialist dermatologist, Patricio López Jiménez.

The main complication was to have a support in which the animal, when it was out of the aquatic environment, could continue to breathe the oxygen contained in the water, through the gills.

Another important factor was to medicate that water with anesthetics that allowed the animal to be sedated during the entire time of the intervention to avoid any possible discomfort derived from the operation.

All this was achieved with two tanks, one medicated and the other with clean water without a sedative product for the recovery period after surgery.

Likewise, in the surgical intervention stretcher, in addition to having enough humidity so that the animal’s skin did not suffer dehydration at any time, a pumping system was available to provide water with anesthetic in the animal’s own oral cavity.

The operation was a success and within a few days she was already swimming in the central tank of the Aquarium, where he can be seen fully recovered.

Oasys MiniHollywood and Aquarium Costa de Almería, together for Animal Welfare.

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