Ray tank

Get to know these fun creatures

In our ray tank you can interact with such sociable species as rays, stingrays and catsharks and get to know them at close quarters. Don’t miss the chance to get close up to these animals, touch them and enjoy learning about them.


Rays are cartilaginous fish with a smooth, flattened body ending in a long tail. Their eyes are in the dorsal surface, their mouth is underneath, their gill clefts are ventral and they have two triangular fins which enable them to move through the water. Learn about these appealing animals by touching their slippery skin.


The catshark is a dogfish which does not usually grow to a length of more than 70 cm. Its body, which is elongated with a broad head, has 8 fins which enable it to propel itself in the water. Its eyes are elliptical in shape, which is why they are known as catsharks, and their nasal cavities are connected by thin furrows to the upper lip of their mouth. If you can bring yourself to touch these harmless animals you’ll be surprised by their rough skin.

Other species

You can also get to know other species in our tanks such as the stingray, with its flat, rounded body ending in a long, whip-like tail, or the common eagle ray, with its wide body and broad fins which make it look a bird of prey in full flight when it’s swimming, if you look at it from above.