Diving with sharks

A unique experience

Do you want to have a unique experience? The Costa de Almería Aquarium offers you the chance to see sharks as you never have before, from inside its oceanarium containing over 700,000 litres of salt water.

Dive in a safety tank

You aren’t a qualified diver? No problem; you can now enjoy this magnificent experience in complete safety.

At the Costa de Almería Aquarium we have built a special cage so that you can submerge yourself in our oceanarium and admire the sharks and many other animals without needing to be a trained diver. Don’t miss the opportunity to go underwater and get to know these spectacular animals at close quarters. Children from 8 years old.

Contact us via this e-mail address:  info@aquatoursalmeria.es or press this button to go to our contact form.

Diving among sharks

The Costa de Almería Aquarium offers you the fantastic chance to swim among sharks and get to know these wonderful animals at close quarters. Submerge yourself with us in our oceanarium tank and dive into this unforgettable experience. Enjoy one of the best dives of your life and learn all about sharks and our conservation work from our professionals. Don’t miss this exceptional experience!

If you are a qualified diver and would like to take a different kind of dive, contact us via this e-mail address: info@aquatoursalmeria.es, a través del teléfono 950 55 20 73 or use our contact form, giving us your contact details and telling us when you would like to take your dive.