Aquarium Costa de Almeria has had the pleasure of carrying out a fish exchange with Aquarium Finisterrae of La Coruña, with Aquarium Atlantis of Madrid as logistic centre.

The species exchanged were, on behalf of Aquarium Costa de Almería, 20 fry of Seriola dumerili (Lechas) and 4 adult specimens of Argyrosomus regius (Corvina) on behalf of Aquarium Finisterrae.


Although it would be more economical to capture them in the wild, the policy of the member aquariums of AIZA (Iberian Association of Zoos and Aquariums) is to encourage the exchange between centres of species reproduced in captivity in order to preserve wild animals as much as possible. Therefore, this action has been carried out with captive-bred species and always taking into account the welfare of the animals, making the journey with vans adapted for the transport of live fish.

The animals have arrived perfectly at their destinations, being in quarantine period and in a few days will be introduced in the exhibition tanks.

We would like to thank the staff who have made this exchange possible and especially their biology managers Antonio Vilar (Aquarium Finisterrae) and Rocio Gea (Aquarium Atlantis).

Conservation, education and research are the basic pillars of aquariums.

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