School trips

Costa de Almería Aquarium, which has been designed to represent the Water Cycle, is the place where learning and fun come together. The visit to our Aquarium is…

EDUCATIONAL: Children learn about the water cycle, including the groundwater and surface water (rivers, seas, oceans) formation. They will discover some special ecosystems like mangroves, as well as interesting species and of course, they will learn about the Mediterranean Sea.

INTERACTIVE: They are allowed to get up close with some animals. They will touch them and discover their textures, colours and habitats...while being taught about respect for animals.

FUN: Children have the opportunity to spend an amazing morning learning about the sea life.

We offer curriculum based tours. For that reason, we suggest you contact us well in advance. To book a school or group visit please contact us at +34 950 160 036 or click the following button to fill our contact form.

Education offer

Our education offer aims to increase knowledge of the biodiversity of the rivers, seas and oceans to promote awareness and behaviour change towards the environment. To achieve this, our Education Department has developed an educational programme full of resources.

Choose from our different educational levels the most suitable tours and activities. They will be led by our qualified staff, who will make the students learn through fun.

Group offers

The guided tour takes about 1 hour. During the visit, you will be shown the different ecosystems and tanks and you will discover the unique characteristics of the species in our collection. Halfway through the tour a talk about the inhabitants of our Ocean tank will be given by our guide, who will help you with any questions you may have. At the end of the tour, you will be able to touch and discover the texture of some species like rays and sea stars.


11’95 € Per person

Children (4 to 14 years)

8 € Per children

Disabled people

8 € Per person

One free adult ticket for every 25 student tickets bought.


CHOOSE YOUR WORKSHOP (1€ surcharge per child)

  • Mántica: the ray that cannot swim is a participatory storytelling activity about marine pollution.
  • Aquarium Detectives: Each group will have to solve a case about an injured animal. By following the clues they will be able to discover what the problem is and will identify measures that could have prevented it.
  • Mántica against invading species is a participatory talk on invasive species. We will discover some of these species and the problems they cause and will also identify the measures needed to prevent it.

These and other workshops can also be held at schools and high schools after the visit to Costa de Almería Aquarium.